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We are currently accepting appointments Friday - Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00pm at our Retreat Center in Southeast, GA. Flexible weekday appointments are available by phone/in-person upon request.


Our Services

Pre-Marital/Post-Marital Counseling - we offer pre-marital and post-marital counseling for couples considering marriage, and fort hose who are already married who want to have, establish or develop a solid foundation for success in marriage. This is typically designed to provide premarital counseling at least 3 months in advance of a wedding date and there is no limitation on those who are already married who want to improve their happiness and get the right foundation in place. We can also arrange to perform wedding or re-commitment ceremonies for those who successfully complete this program. We make the options flexible enough to reach couples both in and outside of the local area by offering session by phone or in person. Our three month "Marriage Success" program includes 2 study manuals and 3 - one hour counseling sessions once a month. 

  • $75.00 - (by phone)
  • $150.00 - (in person)

Individual Counseling/Life Coaching - we offer "life success" counseling for individuals searching answers for questions about your life, destiny and purpose. We can schedule sessions to around your family and work schedule. We just you get a life check up once a month or at least every 3 months.

  • $30.00/hr -(by phone)
  • $60.00/hr - (in person)

Youth Counseling/Mentoring - we offer youth counseling/mentoring for children under 18 years of age, who need an extra boost to find direction for life. We can commit up to three hours a week for youth in need of such services.

  • $10.00/hr - (by phone)
  • $20.00/hr - (in person)

Family Counseling - we offer family counseling for members of the same household who are in need of assistance with resolving relationship and parenting issues.

  • $50.00/hr  - (by phone)
  • $100.00/hr - (in person)

Counseling & Training Opportunities are available for those with at least a Masters Degree in  a Ministry-related field of study can enter our Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling program.We are always looking to add certified counselors to our database and we also offer education and training opportunities for those interested in becoming a counselor through our partnership with Grace Bible College & Seminary

Certificate in Christian Counseling 

We now offer a Certified Counselors Program in partnership with Certificate in Christian Counseling through Grace Bible College & Seminary and the International Association of Christian Counselors (I.A.C.C.) for those interested in the counseling field.


  • Solving Life's Programs
  • Understanding People
  • Biblical Basis for Christian Counseling


  • $375.00 - with two courses online
  • $575.00 - by mail 

* (AMF & CUC Members receive a 25% discount)

Self Help Resources 

Many young couples take this course in preparation for marriage and find a number of time-tested rules for developing a happy home. As they study this  course by, family members learn to appreciate each other more by learning the basic principles of proper relationships in the home. Marriage was established by God and the family is the building block of society. Without strong family units the church cannot be what God intended for it to be. This course deals with all of the aspects of marriage and home that make the family the strong unit that the church rests upon. 

When you are having problems, do you know where to find answers? This course helps you turn your problems into victories. There are no clear-cut solutions for some of the problems that confront us. However, the Bible gives guidelines for finding solutions to many of life’s problems. It is not God’s will that Christians be defeated. As you study this course and apply the principles of problem solving, you will discover the wonderful blessing of allowing your problem-solver, Jesus Christ, to help you. 

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